The Baby Blues Appeal
9A Cleveland Street, Wolverhampton
West Midlands, WV1 3HH
Telephone No: 01902 712940
Registered Charity No: 1015491

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Your unwanted goods.

The unwanted items in your home that may no longer be of any use to you, may well be of some use to, if not essential to others less fortunate.


Like most charity shops on the high street, Baby Blues accepts items such as clothing, both new and second hand, bric-a-brac, including ornaments, books, games, children's toys, jigsaw puzzles, videos, DVD's, CD's and accessories such as belts and handbags. However, unlike most other charity shops, we also accept donations of second hand push chairs, prams, baby bouncers, and cots etc; items that are essential for low income families with new born babies or young infants.


Such items are not always within the family budget, and there is often nothing wrong with them. By helping out the families that can't afford to buy brand new, you are also helping us by donating to our appeal. Please don't just throw them out on the scrap heap just because your children have out grown them, providing they are in good working condition and safe to use, we will happily take them off your hands.


All proceeds made from the items sold in our charity shop go directly to our appeal, and even more importantly, to our local neonatal units who need the money most.


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